High Adventure Training

Our training courses are designed to help prepare the new Trek Leader for taking scouts into the wilderness and provide updated information for the veteran Trek Leader. Basic Backpacking classroom training is followed with a day hike to provide field experience with map and compass and a weekend overnight hike to let you experience what you've been told about. This training is offered twice a year, the first weekend of March and the last weekend of September. Winter Backpack training is put on in January. If you have questions about the training contact Jeffrey Bozanic at 714-747-2727 or Barbara Gibson at 714-213-4865. The following schedules are typical for the classroom trainings. As you can see we cover a wide range of topics and we include guest experts on several topics.

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To understand what our Basic Backpacking Course is all about click on the link below.

What is HAT Training?

Earning HAT Awards

Basic Backpacking

Basic Course Materials
Medical Form

Map and Compass
April 29, 2017

Spring Basic Backpacking
March 3-5, 2017

Overnight Hikes

March 11-12 Cedar Glen Andy Hernando 949-350-2109
Allyn Van Ry 949-838-7841

March 17-18 Deer Springs Jeff Bozanic 714-747-2727
Fabien Derache

March 18-19 Lion Canyon John Taylor 949-697-3386
Darrell Branine 949-6332350
Mike Krasko 949-306-2885

April 1-2 Anza Borrego Overlook Clark Adams 949-552-3917
Eric Jones 760-765-0526

April 22-23 Hoegees Joe Bouchard 714-505-4502
Brian Mendoza 714-299-6119

Fall Basic Backpacking
September 22-24, 2017

Winter Backpacking

Winter Course Syllabus
Medical Form

Winter Backpacking
November 2017