The High Adventure Team is a group of volunteer Scouters who enjoy backpacking and working together to approve and develop trail awards, promote the High Adventure program, and provide training to adult leaders. The Basic Backpacking Training course provides the basics for new Leaders and information updates for those who are veterans.

The Team meets at Council Headquarters on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm. All registered Scouters are welcome to come and join us.

At our Team meetings we discuss problems encountered by Scouters, informational updates, BSA policy changes, governmental policy changes, and improvements in our training programs in an attempt to promote a safe and enjoyable experience in the wilderness.

High Adventure Training

Our training courses are designed to help prepare the new Trek Leader for taking scouts into the wilderness and provide updated information for the veteran Trek Leader. Basic Backpacking classroom training is followed with a day hike to provide field experience with map and compass and a weekend overnight hike to let you experience what you've been told about. This training is offered twice a year, the first weekend of March and the last weekend of September. Winter Backpack training is put on in January. If you have questions about the training contact Jeffrey Bozanic at 714-747-2727 or Barbara Gibson at 714-213-4865. The following schedules are typical for the classroom trainings. As you can see we cover a wide range of topics and we include guest experts on several topics.

What is HAT Training?

High Adventure Awards Program

The Council High Adventure Teams of Area IV approve and develop the trail awards. These awards are provided to Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Girl Scouts and their leaders as an incentive to develop Pack or Troop outdoor programs. A description of the awards and the requirements for earning each can be found in two publications, produced in Orange County and provided to all Councils, the Cub Adventure Awards for Cubs and Webelos and the High Adventure Awards for Scouts and Explorers. Those award publications are published here in PDF format for download and reference. In addition links have been provided for access to the 'Wilderness Use Policy' and the 'Guide to Safe Scouting' as well as a link to assist in ordering the awards,

Earning HAT Awards

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