High Adventure Awards are ordered through the following resources. Each Council accepts the award application from any other Council. The information provided below will help you in contacting the appropriate person a Council.

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Council Contact Phone/Fax

California Inland Empire Scout Shop
Kalen Matson
(909)307-3952 Fax
Grand Canyon Cassandra Dorris
(602)224-5684 Fax
Greater LA Area Lily Armas
(213)353-0376 Fax
Las Vegas Area Donna Sword
(702)949-6022 Fax
Long Beach Area Randy Stiegler
(562)427-0911 x230
(562)492-9437 Fax
Los Padres Judie Stowe
(805)967-5094 Fax
Orange County Nicola Varela
)714)546-4990 x 151
714-546-0415 Fax

San Diego-Imperial Zaida Holmes
619-298-6121 x 236
619-369-3600 Fax

Southern Sierra Bethany Charmley
(661)325-2122 Fax
Ventura County Eileen Lundy
(805)482-6071 Fax
Verdugo Hills Dede Mueller
(818)243-5169 Fax
Western Los Angeles Mirvat Lutfi
Cheri Hodek
(818)901-4888 Fax

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